Police Department Size Calculator

How does your police department size compare to other cities? Use this tool to find out!

Police department calculatorCompare the size of your police department with cities similar in size or region across the country to put in context your police department’s size.

Select the state and city whose police department size you want to examine. First select the state, then the list of cities will update and you’ll be able to choose your city.

You can choose how narrow or wide to compare to other cities based on their population and the number of officers they employ.


Comparison Table

Selected City State Average National Average Similar Population
Total Officers
Total Civilians
Total Employees
Officers rate per 1,000

Record has no information.

The has the officers per capita as the state average, the officers per capita as the national average, and the officers per capita as similarly sized cities across the country.

To match state, national, and peer department sizes should have between and total officers.

The city would need to its force by officers to be at the minimum of this range or its force by officers to be at the maximum of this range.

The charts below provide additional context for the relative size of the in comparison to its peers.

Comparison Charts

Total Officers for Cities with Similar Population
Cities with <5 total officers not shown
Civilian PD Employees for Cities with Similar Population
Cities with <5 employees not shown
Police Officers per 1,000 Residents in
Cities with >20 officers per 1,000 residents not shown
Population of Cities with Similar Sized PDs ()
Cities with police forces that are within ±% of
Total Officers in Cities with Similar Population
Cities with <5 total officers not shown

Data source, the FBI UCR/LEOKA collection, current data: 2019

About the Tool

The Police Department Size Calculator empowers members of the public to compare the size of their police department to similar sized departments in other cities and to cities across the country with similar populations, all police departments in the state, and to the national average police department.

The tool is designed to quickly produce a report comparing any city to relevant national comparison groups in a format that community members can share and incorporate into their own work.