is intended to serve as a comprehensive web resource where organizers can find everything they need for their campaign to defund police in one place: information about what groups across the country are doing, resources, trainings, budget tools, and information about legislation and policies that support efforts to divest from systems of policing and punishment and invest in genuine and sustainable community safety strategies.

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DefundPolice.org is coordinated, housed, and staffed by the Community Resource Hub. The project is a collaboration with Movement for Black Lives, Critical Resistance, Interrupting Criminalization, PolicyLink, Law for Black Lives, Database for Police Abolition, ACRE, Advancement Project, and Black Lives Matter Canada.

The legislation and policy tracking portions of this website started as the Database for Police Abolition (D4PA). D4PA began in June 2020 as a volunteer-led effort, creating a database to track and visualize proposals to defund and disarm police, diminish the role of policing in communities, and empower alternative visions for public safety. As of January 2021, D4PA is a part of defundpolice.org.